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TigPro expired date : 10/1/2026

Suitable For:
Children 6 months & Above 6个月及以上儿童
Asthma 哮喘
Sinusitis, cold & Flu 鼻窦炎、感冒和流感
Chronic cough, sore throat & URTI 慢性咳嗽、喉咙痛和上呼吸道感染
Allergy & low immunity 过敏和免疫力低下

Direction of Use:
Baby & Toddlers (6-24 months) 

- Mild, Moderate & Severe URTI, Asthma or Siunus Allergy
Half to 1 sachet daily

Children (2-12 years) > 1 sachets daily 
Adult (12 years and above) 
- Mild & Moderate URTI, Asthma or Siunus Allergy
1 sachet daily
- Severe URTI, Asthma or Sinus Allergy
1 sachet, twice daily

Adult (12 years and above)
- General Health or Mild Condition
1 sachet daily
- URTI, Sinus Allergy or Asthma
1-2 sachets, 2-3 times daily


轻度、中度和重度上呼吸道感染、哮喘或鼻窦过敏 每天半包至1包

儿童(2-12岁) 每天超过1包

轻度和中度上呼吸道感染、哮喘或鼻窦过敏 每天1包
重度上呼吸道感染、哮喘或鼻窦过敏 每天2次,每次1包

一般健康或轻微情况 每天1包
上呼吸道感染、鼻窦过敏或哮喘 每天2-3次,每次1-2包

TigPro 粉末是药剂师首选的对抗流感和感冒症状且无副作用的产品!

TigPro 是一种美味的混合饮料,由百香果果汁粉和我们三种优质且临床验证的活性成分混合而成。通过马来西亚首款含有2'-FL人乳低聚糖 (HMO) + 虎乳灵芝 (NKT744) + 益生菌双歧杆菌BB536的健康补充剂,获得最大的益处!

Product Description

TigPro is a delicious blend made up of passion fruit juice powder with a mix of our 3 premium and clinically proven active ingredients. Get the upmost benefits with the 1st ever 2′-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) + Tiger Milk Mushroom (NKT744) + Probiotic Bifidobacterium Longum BB536 health supplement in Malaysia!

TigPro powder is Pharmacist’s No.1 choice to combat flu + cold symptoms with no side effects!


  1. 300毫克的虎乳灵芝提取物(TMM NKT744来自美国)


  1. 20亿CFU的益生菌双歧杆菌BB536(来自日本)


  1. 300毫克的2′FL HMO(来自德国的PREBILAC ®)

TigPro 是马来西亚首款含有2′FL HMO的虎乳灵芝补充剂。2′FL HMO 被证明支持健康肠道、免疫系统和大脑功能的发展。

  1. 百香果粉




1. 300mg of Tiger Milk Mushroom Extract (TMM NKT744 from USA)

To ensure the quality and the consistency in every batch, we used our own unique USDA organic certified Tiger Milk Mushroom (NKT744).

2. 2 billion CFU of Probiotic B. Longum BB536 (from Japan)

A multifunctional probiotic that gained global recognition for its application in nutritional supplements.

3. 300mg of 2’FL HMO (PREBILAC ® from Germany)

TigPro is the first tiger milk mushroom supplement in Malaysia that contains 2′-FL HMO. 2′-FL HMO is proven to support the development of healthy gut, immune system and brain functions.

4. Passion fruit powder 

Passion fruit is not only a delight for the taste buds, but it can also provide extra immunity protection.

 *All ingredients are 100% natural and free from artificial additives.