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Ollie / Mofa+ / Shake 
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Ollie / Mofa+ / Shake 


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100% natural ingredients and stimulant-free, to support healthy long-lasting fat loss and muscle groth management.

Burn Fat . Energize . Reduce Glucose Absorption . Promote leanness
Southeast Asia's First New Healthy Formula To Reawaken Your Metabolism Naturally

· Enhance fat burning and reduce body fat
· Provide energy
· Convenient
· Reawaken metabolism
· Reduce belly fat and improve body shape
· 2x fat burning effect

IF you have been trying to lose weight without any progress, try OLLIE! Combined with our Susenji Shake + MOFA+ you will defnitely achieve better results! 🔥🔥

1 BOX 25 Sachets, SUPER WORTH IT! 🤗🤗

The easiest, most convenient slimming product I have ever tried! Self tested 10 days and I lost 2kg without skipping any meals !!!!


A box of 16 packs ✨ One pack a day [Stomach] Set for you to start your happy day!

Advantages of Susenji Shake:
▪ Maintain a healthy digestive system
▪ Rebuild the defense barrier of gastric mucosa
▪ Increase the feeling of fullness
▪ Nourishing gastric mucosa
▪ Strengthen the digestive function of the stomach
▪ Adjustable blood sugar levels