KISSY - U背吊带 U-Back Camisole

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KISSY - U背吊带 U-Back Camiesole - RM 182

1. 无痕0束缚,不空杯不走位,舒适感超强的科技内衣,无可挑剔的精致感和舒适感。
2. 日本点胶技术,精准弹力支撑,舒适有型,特殊工艺完美收副乳。
3. 锦康纱功能:可净化血液,促进新陈代谢,消炎杀菌,防止细菌滋生异味,防紫外线
4. 德国恒温纤维球,胸部冬暖夏凉的小气候
5. 肩带细节升级,绒面防滑肩,无磁钢署,可过安检,
6. 聚拢升级:水滴胸垫,下侧厚上薄,胸垫形状更饱满女人味,针织带设计更集中
7. 杯垫360个透气孔设计,赠送薄垫
8. 背部防滑条,有效防止变松上滑
9. 新色,裸色视感更高级,夏日隐形更百搭
10. 赠送无痕内裤,底裆海蓬绵抗菌抗黑色素

⚠注意事项:贴身衣物一律不接受更换或取消,各位宝宝们一定要看好尺寸再下单哦Order is not allow to cancel or exchange, please refer with the size chart before order ya

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U-back sling craft feature description:

1. The main fabrics are: high-elastic Lycra spandex and nylon fabrics. The fabrics are ultra-thin and light, with fast elasticity and flexible rebound speed.
2. The inner layer is designed with cooling performance ventilation holes, which brings consumers a cool summer experience.
3. The U-shaped design of the back is more distinctive and beautiful, which meets the matching needs of women and has a beautiful back effect.
4. Double breast pad design: one is thin and the other is thick, to meet different breast shapes. The thick coaster adopts high-elastic soft cups and contains 360 air holes. Thick and thin cotton cups are designed with knitting connections, which can better achieve stability, gathering, and prevent running cups, etc.!
5. The crotch of the complimentary underwear is made of seaweed cloth, which has antibacterial and anti-melanin effects.

⚠注意事项:贴身衣物一律不接受更换或取消,各位宝宝们一定要看好尺寸再下单哦Order is not allow to cancel or exchange, please refer with the size chart before order ya