Usana - Probiotics 益生菌

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Usana - Probiotics 益生菌

一盒14包✨ 是用于消化和免疫健康的益生菌食品补充剂💖

含有120亿活性益生菌,其中包括鼠李糖乳杆菌 LGG & 双歧杆菌 BB12,为腹部带来平衡。可以耐得住胃酸和人体的温度直达我们的肠胃,维护尿道发炎,促进肠道健康和规律性。

✅ 可以有效的维持消化系统
✅ 维持良好的免疫力系统,调节身体的自然免疫反应
✅ 促进良好的消化和营养吸收
✅ 保持每一天规律的排便
✅ 改善胃胀风、便秘

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14 Packets/Box ✨ Probiotic food supplement for digestive and immune heal💖

With 12 billion active probiotics, including Lactobacillus Rhamnosus LGG & Bifidobacterium BB12 which brings the balance to abdomen. It can endure stomach acid and body temperature and smoothly to our intestines and stomach. To maintain inflammation of the urethra, and promote intestinal health and regularity.

✅ Can effectively maintain the digestive system
✅ Maintain a good immune system, regulates the body's natural immune response
✅ Promotes good digestion and nutrient absorption
✅ Maintain regular bowel movements every day
✅ Improve bloating and constipation

❣️This is a probiotic that edible by babies. Baby eat safely, Mommy can rest assured.❤️