Usana - BioMega JR Emulsion 儿童鱼油

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Usana - BioMega JR Emulsion 儿童鱼油

一盒14包✨ 有益身心健康又美味的橙子菠萝味 Omega 3s ❣ 无腥味‼

Omega-3 对孩子的发育和整体健康都很重要,但绝大多数孩子都没有摄取足够的 Omega-3,尤其是如果他们没有均衡的饮食。 幸运的是,使用 USANA 的新 omega-3 补充剂可以轻松让您的孩子拥有一个健康的良好开端:USANA BiOmega Jr. Emulsion

✅ 680 毫克 omega-3 脂肪酸:290 毫克 DHA 和 350 毫克 EPA - 支持健康发展
✅ 1,000 IU 维生素 D - 支持健康的骨骼和牙齿

❤ 定期食用可维持身体许多不同部位的健康功能,其中有:
👍 免疫系统
👍 皮肤
👍 记忆力,专注力和学习能力
👍 眼睛和视觉功能
👍 心血管系统
👍 骨骼和牙齿

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14 Packets/Box✨ Healthy and delicious orange and pineapple flavored Omega 3s ❣ No fishy taste

Omega-3s are important nutrition for a child's development and overall healthy, however majority of children don't get enough omega-3s, especially if they don't have a balanced diet. Fortunately, get your child off to a healthy start easily with USANA's new omega-3 supplement: USANA BiOmega Jr. Emulsion

✨Ingredients include:
✅ 680 mg of omega-3 fatty acids: 290 mg of DHA and 350 mg of EPA - Supports healthy development
✅ 1,000 IU Vitamin D - Supports healthy of bones and teeth

❤ Consume regularly can supports the healthy functions of different parts of the body, including:
👍 Immune system
👍 Skin
👍 Memory, Focus and Learning
👍 Eyes and Vision Functions
👍 Cardiovascular system
👍 Bones and Teeth